Welcome to Grabham’s Candies! We are so excited to share our new website with you! We are hoping to post some fun candy oriented tid bits on this blog from time to time, as well as other cool stuff you might find interesting!

So please check back with us soon and don’t forget to stop in and see us soon for some delicious treats!

~Christine and Janene

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2 thoughts on “WELCOME!”

  1. Hi Janene
    Great to see Grabham’s on the Web ! You have such a great shop and great candy. I remember my Dad bringing it home for my Mom on Valentines day when I was a kid.
    I will be ordering soon so get ready ! It will be fun to have Grabham’s candy in our house again.

  2. Thanks for being part of our family traditions for more years than I can count. Just stopped in yesterday to purchase chocolates for my 98 year old Grandma and my Mom….both who are thrilled that we have kept my Grandpa’s traditon of having Grabhams in the house for the holidays alive. I also introduced a good friend to your chocolates and now she is hooked.
    The best chocolates ever!
    Thanks for your dedication to quality and family.

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