In 1954 Harry “Pop” Grabham decided he wanted to make chocolate as a full time job instead of just making it for clients at his North Hill barber shop. He bought the property in Northampton, now Cuyahoga Falls which is the same building we still make candy in today. 

His business savvy daughter, Betty Pierce became Vice President and helped manage the shop until 1966, when Harry’s Grandson Jim Pierce decided he wanted to be a chocolatier and took over the production with his mother Betty “Dene” Pierce. Harry then retired to Sarasota, Florida. In 1971, Jim Pierce added onto the business to make an unique gift shop. Continuing in the family business when Betty retired in 1981, Janene Pierce (Jim’s wife) took over the gift shop and the daily business. Jim Pierce died in 2010, a confectioner chef of 42 years, upon his death his daughter, Christine and wife, Janene have continued the family tradition! We’ve been making the same recipes Harry started in 1954 for four generations now and are proud to have introduced new flavors to the family recipes too!

Stop in today and taste a bit of delicious, mouth watering history!